Leftshift Solutions | DevOps Transition Services
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DevOps Transition Services

Devops 3 Phasen

Leftshift DevOps Transition Services

Following the Best of Breed of the Lean- and Agile-studies we suggest that DevOps solutions are best put into practice as a continuous improvement process. The process includes three phases:

Baseline: Visualisation of processes from today’s view, measuring skills and identifying waste, that needs to be eliminated. More

Blueprint: Improvement strategies, toolchain design and action plans have been developed out of the baseline phase. The goals of the blueprint phase are on the one hand a draft of an process architecture to achieve the goals of the project, on the other hand the support of the process architecture and a concept of a prioritized action plan. More

Bootstrap: This phase encloses the incremental CI process through the successful implementation of the blueprint. More

1. Baseline

Existing processes and tools are modelled to get a deeper understanding about the current delivery pipeline, that needs to be improved.

Devops Baseline

2. Blueprint

A schedule, based on the analysis and consulting phase of the Continuous Improvement Cycle, is created: the DevOps Blueprint. This is basically the “construction manual” of the DevOps project.

The DevOps Blueprint is based on close collaboration with your organization, stakeholders and Leftshift consultants. It includes following activities:

  • Defining improvements
  • Drafting of the process architecture to achieve these goals
  • Selection of DevOps toolchain to support the process architecture
  • Development of a prioritized implementation plan

The Leftshift DevOps Toolchain

Data collected out of the baseline phase help us to find out the best practices for the project. We identify areas of the project that require automation, and recommend the most suitable toolchain, so that processes can be accelerated and productivity can be increased. Our experience with a variety of tools helps us to evaluate the project requirements and recommend the right tools for the development phases (CI, test, implementation and monitoring).

We use industry leading Open Source and licensed tools during the DevOps process, so your processes can be automated and the performance of the whole pipeline be measured.

3. Bootstrap

During the bootstrap phase, we implement the analysis and planning from the previous phases into a solid and highly scalable solution:

  1. Training/mentoring: Jumpstarting the project through installation, configuration and integration of the selected tools.
  2. Implementation support: Leftshift uses sustainable solutions and praises high value on the enablement of your employees. This is the reason why training and knowledge transfer are core components of every solution.