Leftshift Solutions | Data Analytics
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Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Big data and Business Analytics create new opportunities for organizations. Yet we noticed that the real challenge lies within the use of the right skills, tools and data in an efficient way to get the full potential of these technologies.

To use the value of large data volumes efficiently, organizations need strategic – not only technical – solutions.

We work together with you to master these challenges and to allow a deeper understanding of business, security and IT by using the right methods and processes:

  • Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Business Monitoring
  • Security Monitoring

Splunk – One tool to rule’em all

Splunk is a leading platform for operational intelligence and is offering with Splunk Enterprise integrated solutions for the search, monitoring, analysis and reporting of big automatically generated data.

With highly efficient and intelligent analytics solutions and models you can collect, analyze and utilize data, which is generated through your technology infrastructure, security systems and business applications, by using Splunk. The reports will give you profound insights into your data.

The Leftshift Way of Splunking

We offer E2E Analytics Solutions from the analysis to the full scale deployment, based on the motto “from the sensor into SAP”. Our Splunk Delivery Pipeline covers all phases of an analytics project.

Depending on the scope of the project, our Splunk experts can support you during one or various phases of the data analysis, to gain deeper insights into your organizational processes and applications.

The condition for a successful Splunk deployment is a deeper understanding of business processes and target values, which are defined by system key users, that need be monitored (KPIs).

Leftshift works together closely with management, specialist departments and developers, to develop a collective understanding of business and IT. This way, we can offer highly efficient analytics and reporting solutions with Splunk.