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Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration

Big players in the cloud business like Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Azure & Co. offer companies opportunities to take their businesses and IT to the next level by providing first-class hardware and software solutions. This way, organizations can already today profit from next generation technologies with low capital investment.

However, you might need a lot of resources and expertise to get the most out of your IT. Leftshift Cloud Services offers you the opportunity to build a customized cloud platform with Best-in-Class-Deployments and management services, or to modernise an existing cloud platform.

By using leading open source solutions, we develop with your company highly scalable IT systems, which offer high transparency and security.

Leftshift Cloud Services

Leftshift Cloud Services offer you the necessary expertise and resources in every project phase to provide successful cloud solutions. In early stages, we offer you cloud consulting about the strategy and planning for a cloud migration and/or an adaption of an existing solution. Using the Cloud Migration Map, we develop a roadmap together with the IT and specialist department, which analyzes data and applications that need to be migrated:

Leftshift Cloud Migration Pipeline

Cloud Pipeline


CaaS & IaaS Solutions

We offer innovative cloud consulting services which allow a smooth infrastructure migration into the cloud. Our Cloud Migration Consulting Services help our customers to design an optimized infrastructure within the cloud migration process.

PaaS Solutions

Our PaaS Solutions reduce the time for developments, tests, deployments and cloud applications from months to a few days.

SaaS Solutions

We help you providing the best SaaS Solutions for your organizational needs. Our templates and frameworks accelerate the deployment of SaaS applications and take use of the cloud computing infrastructure.