Leftshift Solutions | Architecture Pillars
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Architecture Pillars

We believe, modern architecture needs to consider safety and resilience in an early state. This is the reason why we have an eye on performance and stability in every solution of our technology architecture. We apply these values and recommend them to all our customers.

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Design for Failure

All IT systems need to have a high tolerance for errors and should be secured against any outages.

Continuous Security

All critical components are continuously put through automatic and intelligent safety tests. This way, any security breaches will be uncovered.

Open Standards

Most of our solutions are based on open standards. In this manner, we can guarantee our customers a higher level of control and transparency.

Design for HA

An elastic architecture is highly available and can adjust to the load of work. This means the architecture will grow with a high load of work, and will shrink with a lower workload, which is cost-saving.

Knowledge Sharing

The knowledge within our team is well documented and ensures a maximum of transparency and safety.